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Mbappe: I will announce my move to Real Madrid


Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé has indeed stirred the football world with his announcement today, Monday, regarding his much-anticipated transfer to Real Madrid. The French international's decision has been a subject of intense speculation for weeks, with fans and pundits alike eagerly awaiting confirmation of his next destination.

In a video shared by the French radio station "Monte Carlo," Mbappé can be seen in conversation with none other than Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, adding a touch of political intrigue to the transfer saga. The exchange between the two figures, captured on camera, has only served to amplify the excitement surrounding Mbappé's impending move to the Spanish capital.

During the conversation, Macron posed the question that has been on the lips of football fans worldwide: "When will your transfer to Real Madrid be announced?" Mbappé's response, delivered with an air of confidence, was a simple yet significant declaration: "Tonight... this evening."

This confirmation from Mbappé himself has sent shockwaves through the footballing community, signaling the imminent conclusion of one of the most high-profile transfer sagas in recent memory. With the ink already dry on his contracts with Real Madrid, the stage is set for Mbappé to embark on the next chapter of his illustrious career.

According to reports circulating in the footballing sphere, Mbappé's move to Real Madrid comes with a lucrative financial package. The Parisian sensation is set to earn a staggering 15 million euros net per season with the Spanish giants, a testament to his status as one of the game's brightest talents.

But the financial aspect of Mbappé's transfer is only part of the story. Perhaps even more intriguing is the unprecedented agreement regarding his image rights. It has been revealed that Mbappé will retain approximately 80% of his image rights, a remarkable percentage that surpasses any previous agreement Real Madrid has had with its star players.

This groundbreaking arrangement underscores Mbappé's status not just as a footballer, but as a global icon whose marketability transcends the boundaries of the sport. With his magnetic charisma and dazzling talent, Mbappé has captured the hearts of football fans around the world, and his move to Real Madrid is sure to generate even more buzz and excitement in the months to come.

As the footballing world eagerly awaits the official announcement of Mbappé's transfer to Real Madrid, one thing is certain: the stage is set for a new era in the career of one of the game's most electrifying talents. With his sights set on conquering new heights at the Santiago Bernabéu, Mbappé's journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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