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An exciting situation for the Barcelona mission in Madrid

An exciting situation for the Barcelona mission in Madrid

The Barcelona delegation was in a state of shock when it arrived in the Spanish capital, Madrid, to play the Clásico match against Real Madrid.

Barcelona will host Real Madrid this Sunday evening at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, as part of the 32nd round of La Liga.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo", upon the arrival of the Barcelona delegation to Madrid, it did not find any type of security protection or police cars that were supposed to accompany it from the airport to the hotel, a situation that caused some problems for it.

Due to the lack of police forces, the fans who were waiting for the Barcelona players near the hotel were able to skip the area designated for the media and there were some crowds.

The newspaper added that 100 Barcelona fans were waiting for the team delegation when they arrived at the hotel in Madrid.

The newspaper explained that the reason behind the police not accompanying the Barça bus to the hotel is unknown, but sources from Barcelona expressed their surprise at the lack of any kind of protection before a match like El Clásico.

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