Does Messi change the world's view of the American League?

Does Messi change the world's view of the American League?

Over the past many years, the Major League Soccer has attracted many players with big names and overwhelming fame.

But most of these stars moved to the American League as the last step in their football careers.

Now, the situation may look different with regard to the transfer of Argentine legend Lionel Messi, despite his advanced age as well.

Messi's move to American Inter Miami represents a wonderful opportunity for the American League to enjoy enormous attraction and great follow-up at all levels of the media and the masses.

And after Inter Miami announced the details of Messi's contract with the club, Don Garber, President of the American League, said: "There is no doubt that Messi will show the world that the American League can become a tournament for the best players in the world."

Messi joined Inter Miami on a two-season contract, and it was reported that the value of the contract ranges between 50 and 60 million dollars per season.

Messi is expected to play his first match with his new team's shirt against Mexico's Cruza Azul on July 21.

Messi moved to Inter Miami in a free transfer deal, after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired at the end of the last season.

And the veteran player confirmed in a recent interview that he did not want to end his football career in the American League.

In the past, the situation was different, as big stars such as English David Beckham, German Bastian Schweinsteiger and French Thierry Henry ended their career in the American League through very attractive contracts. 

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