Super League clubs await European Court of Justice decision

Today, Tuesday, the European Court of Justice concluded a new chapter in the case brought by Super League clubs, pending the word on the final ruling in 2023.

The Solicitor General will make public his opinion on December 15, on how to resolve the case. It will be non-binding conclusions to be deliberated upon by the 15 judges who are chosen from among the 27 judges of the court to form the "grand circle" to which it is assigned.

Each judge may propose changes until a final decision has been adopted, by majority, announced in a public hearing, even without a specific date in the next year, and sent to the court that raised the matter for a preliminary ruling, obliged to decide it in accordance with the line set by the European Court of Justice.

Hearings in the case began on Monday regarding the lawsuit brought by the Super League against both the European Union (UEFA) and the international (FIFA) for the alleged abuse of a dominant position and the prevention of free competition guaranteed by the treaties of the European Union by responding with possible sanctions for the declaration, in 2021. This alternative competition was created by 12 major European clubs.

After an initial plea from the Super League representative, UEFA legal representative Donald Slater considered the project being promoted by these clubs (of which there are only three clubs left) "an example from a text book of Cartel", and stressed that the sanctions it took against the participating clubs "necessary to ensure compliance Union regulations.

"These clubs wanted to have everything, in addition to continuing to participate in national competitions, but exempting them from the principles of sporting merit and solidarity that underpin them. The Super League would have dealt a fatal blow to the European sporting model that made Europe the best place in the world to play and enjoy football," he stressed. Football. UEFA is here to defend it."

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