Pedri: Lewandowski looks twenty years old

 Pedri: Lewandowski looks twenty years old

Pedri: Lewandowski looks twenty years old

Barcelona midfielder Pedri praised his colleague, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, in his victory over Real Sociedad (4-1), on Sunday evening, in the second round of La Liga.

Pedri said, during statements carried by the Catalan newspaper "Sport": "Today was a very important match for us, especially after the draw against Rayo Vallecano .. and we achieved what was required, which is the victory."

He added: "Lewandowski is 34 years old, but it looks like he is 20 years old, from the way he works and the goals he scores."

And he concluded: "With (coach) Koeman, we played with three defenders, and things went very well, and we must be more daring, as this is what Xavi always asks of us."

Barcelona raised its score with this victory to 4 points, in fifth place in the La Liga standings, while Real Sociedad's balance froze at 3 points, in tenth place.

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