Jeddah hosts the UEFA Champions League

 Jeddah hosts the UEFA Champions League

Jeddah hosts the UEFA Champions League

Visitors to The Beautiful Game Exhibition, which is being held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will have a unique and unique opportunity to view the most important historical collectibles in the world of football.

The Beautiful Game Exhibition will run from mid-August to next September, and will be hosted by the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah.

In addition to the various shows and events, visitors to the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to see the original version of the UEFA Champions League.

Visitors will also be able to carry the cup, and take souvenir photos.

Many of the original copies of the world championship cups will also be present in the exhibition.

The visitor will be able to know all the information about these special cups, through the information attached to the side of each cup.

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