Inter Milan uses the hero card to force Sanchez to leave

 Inter Milan is still hoping for the departure of Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, after leaving the club's plans for the new season.

Inter is seeking the exit of Sanchez, to save the expenses represented in his salary, and to make room for the club if he wants to include a new player, but the Chilean star refuses to leave in this way, according to press reports.

And the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport, reported that Sanchez is outside Inter’s accounts for the new season, especially since the club did not back down from its desire to leave.

It added that Inter is ready to exclude Sanchez from the list of the team participating in the Champions League in the new season, in order to force him to leave during the summer Mercato.

And the newspaper continued, that despite the club’s desire to sell him as soon as possible, the player still continues to procrastinate, noting that he wants to stay at the higher levels.

It indicated that the Chilean striker hopes to receive an offer from one of the clubs in the major leagues participating in the Champions League.

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