Chwamini relieves mourning for Casemiro's passing

 Chwamini relieves mourning for Casemiro's passing

Chwamini relieves mourning for Casemiro's passing

Losing a player who contributed to creating an entire era is not an easy thing, especially if he is considered one of the best in the world in his position, and therefore the departure of those who carry these specifications may have immediate consequences.

However, such consequences did not affect the first test of Real Madrid after the departure of Brazilian player Casemiro to Manchester United, and the password is the French Aurelien Chuamini, who performed excellently against Celta Vigo after all the lights were on him.

The plans of the Italian Carlo Ancelotti suddenly changed, the intentions of rotating in the middle of the field and creating a competition between Casemiro and the new talent was no longer possible, as everything turned with the Brazilian’s decision to end his era and start a new adventure with the “Red Devils” and a salary of up to twice the value, and the responsibility fell on the newcomer. the new.

Despite the weight of the responsibility that suddenly fell on Chuamini, the 22-year-old dealt very well with the pressure he found above his head in Balaidos, and showed that Real Madrid invested 80 million euros in a player fit for the present and of course the future, other than the presence of a large margin of development and growth in front of him. .

Chuamini's numbers improved a lot compared to Almeria's first match in La Liga, as he gained more confidence in spoiling the opponent's attacks, as he was in front of Celta Vigo, the most lethal player for them nine times.

Not only that, but he ran forward towards the opponent's court, as shown in the quick transfer that ended with Fede Valverde's goal. Drive, speed and stride with which the ball ended up in the opposing team's half. All these qualities the player has already demonstrated in France, and it seems that he will not abandon them in Spain, where he will try to surpass Casemiro in this regard.

The percentage of the French player's correct passes was 89.7%, with 61 completed passes out of 68 in the face of Celta Vigo, and three of them, according to the data of the (Bisocer) website, were in important offensive areas that created a danger. Other than that, the player scored the full mark in dribbles with three out of three.

Everyone knows that Chuamini cannot be asked to completely replace Casemiro overnight, but it is a very good first step to alleviate the "mourning" caused by the departure of a taller like Casemiro from Real Madrid's midfield.

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